For the first time after a long and complicated wrist injury, Stefan Bradl swung his legs on a race bike this week in Malaysia.

More than four months have been passed since the momentous fall in Portugal. In this crash, the scaphone ligament got badly damaged. Stefan Bradl had to undergo surgery two times and a nerve-stretching break. Since just December he could start with a reduced training programme. On the occasion of a three-day test in Malaysia, the 28-year-old German rider took part in the role as a test rider for Honda.

#6 Stefan BRADL:

“I’m very relieved because my comeback after the four months break due to the injury went consistently positive. Of course, the condition of my wrist and my fitness are far off 100 percent, but I was able to ride the bike fast according to the circumstances. Therefore, the focus for this test was first of all to check my health and to get used to the Honda MotoGP bike again because since the last time I rode this machine back in November 2014 in Valencia, a lot has changed. But I already can say that it delivers lots of fun. The condition of the right hand, however, is as expected. It is not better but also not worse. After three days riding in Sepang at this demanding circuit, of course, loads are obviously to feel but I’m happy that I took advantage of this opportunity and came to Malaysia. In any case, it is definitely good that I’m able to ride again. Unfortunately, that the last day came to a prematurely end due to the rain shower after lunch time because I would have liked to do some more runs.”


Stefan Bradl is forced also to miss the final two championship meetings in Spain and Qatar next month and early in November. After he underwent surgery successfully, he got prescribed absolutely rest for his wrist.

After extensive medical examinations in Augsburg, Stefan Bradl’s right wrist was diagnosed with an injury to the scapholunate ligament (SL) which holds the scaphoid and lunate bone together. In order to avoid long-term effects such as in the worst case a complete wrist stiffener, an operation was indispensable. Therefore, Bradl underwent surgery last Thursday at the Augsburg Clinic by Dr. Krischak under general anaesthesia. The procedure lasted about two hours. The specialist fixed the ligament at both ends with pins and a wire so that the healing process can start. Bradl’s right forearm now needs a seven-week rest before the Superbike rider can start with physiotherapy. On October 11th, a new investigation will be carried out to determine the exact date for the second operation in which the pins and the wire are removed.

The 27-year-old Honda rider sustained this complicated injury during a crash in race one in Portimao two weeks ago. Until then, however, Bradl experienced an upturn during the Portugal round following a very difficult season for him and his Red Bull World Superbike Team.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2):

“Obviously it’s quite a difficult time for me, as it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to race for the rest of the season. But I have to remain positive, though, and try to do everything needed to make sure that my hand and wrist are fully healed. Rest is now priority number one for the healing process. Luck hasn’t been on our side this year, but I couldn’t imagine that the consequences of my crash in Portimao were going to be so severe. The operation went well but the doctors had to cut through lots of webs which is very painful at the wrist and in addition, a second surgery is necessary. At this time, all implants are removed. It is to assume that everything is healing well. The ligament was demolished at the lunate bone whereas it was still hanging on the scaphoid though, there was still much to reconstruct which is important at all. A wire and a hook was inserted. The hook is attached to the lunate bone and will make sure that the ligament heals and everything comes together as it is being. Unfortunate, the healing process is very lengthy because the ligament has a length of 3 millimetres and a width of 1,5 millimetres. This to patch it requires a level of high art and calm hands by the doctor. Therefore, I would like to express my thanks to the doctors who has helped me a lot and also to all people who has worked with me this year: it was not an easy year, not only from a sports point of view, but also from the tragedy that shook us this spring. There is not much that I can do at the moment but I will follow the races on TV and support my team in this way.”


Stefan Bradl is forced to sit out this weekend’s French round in Magny-Cours due to his wrist injury.

Stefan Bradl’s crash during race one at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve close to Portimao has more serious consequences than expected. The injury was complicated from the beginning. It was only after a series of examinations that a crack could be diagnosed on the scapholunate ligament (SL) on his right wrist. To avoid long-term effects, a surgery is indispensable.

For the 27-year-old Honda rider, this message come doubly bitter because until the crash, Bradl saw himself and his Fireblade in an upturn in Portugal following a very difficult season. Bradl qualified for eighth spot on the starting grid and was able to race amongst the top riders in the first group.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2):

“Of course, these are very disappointing news. After the crash in Portimao on Saturday, the scans did not show any signs of injury. But on Sunday morning, the pain was very strong. After my return from Portugal I made further examinations and got different opinions from several doctors to finally find out what is wrong with my wrist. Finally, a crack was diagnosed on the scapholunate ligament. A further MRI scan and a computer tomography were made at the Augsburg Clinic yesterday morning. The CT showed that the lunate bone and the scaphoid have been parted by 3 millimetres from each other. Under normal circumstances, there should be no clearance because both bones are fixed together by this ligament. This is why an operation is indispensable, otherwise it would lead to possible long-term effects. For the moment, the situation looks like the ligament is not completely torn but whether it is to be replaced or it can be repaired, this will be shown by the operation. By the way, Dr. Krischak in Augsburg will do the surgery this Thursday and then the doctors can seriously assess which rehabilitation is needed and how long it will take time to recover. Unfortunately, this means that I will miss this weekend’s round in Magny-Cours. This of course is the next big disappointment but there is no other way because I cannot do anything with my wrist. Beyond that, the pain hardly got less since last Sunday and the mobility is still strongly restricted. Hopefully I’m able to report more pleasantly new towards the end of the week.”


For the 27-year-old Honda rider, the Portuguese round ended prematurely as he was sidelined from Sunday’s race two at the Portimao track due to injury.

Stefan Bradl’s crash during Saturday afternoon’s heat one was not without further consequences for him as the pain in his right wrist became more worse last night. Nevertheless, Bradl tried it in the warm-up but after just five laps he got massive problems. After a further check in the Medical Center, it turned out that his wrist is in a worse condition than initially assumed. Therefore, Bradl had to accept well or badly that the race doctors declared him unfit for the race, although he wanted to eradicate Saturday’s rash.

The Championship continues with the series visit to France in two weeks.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2), NS – Championship position 14th (67 points):

“The pain in my wrist has become much worse last night. Yesterday, we could see that nothing is broken. The wrist has been greatly overstretched, however, and has also suffered a hard blow. This is also to see by the traces at the glove. Before the warm-up, the joint was taped. So then, I thought I will be able to ride somehow but I was wrong because the pain was almost unbearable after a couple of laps. In addition, the mobility of the wrist is severely restricted. After the warm-up, the situation has further deteriorated.”

“So, I went to the Medical Center again for another X-Ray. This scan has confirmed that nothing is broken but it can’t rule out whether not one of these many bones has suffered a small fracture or ligaments and tendons have been damaged. Therefore, I will try to get an MRT scan at home as soon as possible. I don’t want to let time pass by, but I want to get to clarify the situation immediately. At the moment, things don’t feel so good and the next race is already in two weeks. This gives me a little headache.”

“Of course, it is a pity again because today I wanted to finish the race in the top ten for which we were capable all weekend. So, this means to make up yesterday’s failed result. But the situation has got drastically worse last night and I’m not in full possession of my power. In this condition, I would have been able to push hard. The injury is at a complicated place in the wrist, and besides, I still have a screw in the scaphoid which was broken in Assen two years ago.”

#PORWorldSBK – Results Race 2 (20 Laps):
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 34´38.383
2 Michael van der Mark / Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team / Yamaha YZF R1 / +5.834
3 Marco MELANDRI / ITA / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducait Panigale R / +9.201
NS #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2

WorldSBK Standings:
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 431
2 Tom SYKES / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 311
3 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 296
14 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / 67


A strange fall robbed Stefan Bradl all hopes to turn his strong performances during all practices sessions this weekend into a countable race result on Saturday afternoon.

In contrast to Friday, the weather situation improved significantly with less winds and more pleasant temperatures during day time. So, race day one at the Portuguese round with the Superpoles, which decided the starting positions, took place under good conditions. The only one exception were cold winds in the morning when teams and riders went out on track for the final free practice.

Stefan Bradl, however, headed with high hopes into heat one at the marvellous but enormously demanding circuit, located in the south of Portugal. After the Honda rider made it through Superpole2 straight from Friday’s FP1 and FP2, which was for the first time this season, Bradl also succeeded during this timed session to qualify for P8 on the starting grid and in doing so, he was able to confirm his and the team’s increasing level of performance. From this position, he also left the line in a great way to gain two positions before entering the first corner and riding bravely in the first group during the opening laps before a non-controlling slide on the rear finished his race much too early. In the unavoidable fall, Bradl hit the ground with his right wrist heavily but remained unhurt expect for a slight bruise.

The second race of the weekend is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, starting at 4:00 pm CET too. Austrian’s channel ServusTV will start its programme already 30 minutes early, including a detailed pre-coverage from Portugal. By the way, the programme is to be viewed in the entire German speaking area in Free-TV.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2), NC – Championship position 14 (67 points):

“It’s a pity, because the top ten were in our possibilities today for sure. I think, that I would have been able to do well throughout the whole race. But, my fall in lap three has denied us this. At this moment, the rear tyre started to slide at turn 14 and I’m eternally slipped for a long time. This was a really strange situation, because I had absolutely no change to do anything. In the end, I flew over the handlebars. Luckily, I’m fine except for some pain in my wrist. However, I’m more thinking about the cause for this strange slide. We need to clarify it in detail.”

“Apart from this, my start was great and I felt that much comfortable straight away. So, this was why I pushed a lot and I was riding very determined, of course. Beyond that, I was able to stay with my group, riding in sixth position. However, we struggled with some spinning from the beginning but at this moment the rear wheel did not stop sliding. This outcome, obviously, is very annoying because our performance was really strong till that point. Luckily there is the next chance tomorrow already, which hopefully we well better use. We will definitely try it.”

#PORWorldSBK – Results Race 1 (20 Laps):
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 34´38.383
2 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / +6.189
3 Marco MELANDRI / ITA / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducait Panigale R / +10.166
NC #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2

WorldSBK Standings:
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 406
2 Tom SYKES / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 311
3 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 296
14 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / 67


The 27-year-old Honda rider appeared in a changed and refreshed mood on Friday’s day one of action at this weekend’s round ten at the awesome Portimao track close to the Algarve coastline.

The race weekend at the challenging Autodromo Internacional do Algarve got underway under fine weather with lots of sun but strong and gusty winds as well as a bumpy track were not an easy obstacle to overcome.

Apart from these less nice circumstances, Stefan Bradl started into the weekend in an unfamilar environment for him. The most serious change since the last race four weeks ago in Germany was the change of his technical crew as he moved from the right to the left side in the garage of his Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team. But he and his new crew, which has not yet been a perfectly well-coordinated team, took this first hurdle greatly. Bradl saw himself racing well inside the top ten at each stage of both Friday’s free practice sessions. In the end, the ambitious Honda rider finished the opening day in Portugal in tenth place overall, which meant that he qualified directly for Superpole2 on Saturday.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2), FP1: P9 – 1´44.834 / FP2: P10 – 1´43.957:

“I’m happy about this start to the weekend, of course. It is always nice to be in the top ten. At the same time, this also means that we made it through Superpole2 which didn’t happen so many times this year as we know. Actually, it was for the first time that we made directly after Friday’s sessions. Beyond that, I’m very pleased how things went today overall as well as with our progress achieved with the bike because we were able to improve continuously. During the break between the two sessions, we made some changes to the bike which worked out to be very positive. In the same way, further small steps have been made during FP2.”

“Apart from a minor problem with the rear brake, everything went very smoothly today. But we did not get worried by these issues and continued our way. In any case, we have taken the right way already. I’m also satisfied with my lap time because our best effort in 1´43.9 is really strong for us. Actually, I thought to end up two, three positions more towards the front but some other riders were able to set a strong lap time in the last minutes. However, we are still in a close gap to the top five – we just miss four tenth to Tom Sykes which is a really good achievement for our capabilities thus far. So, now it is important to keep on this level and to deliver a strong qualifying tomorrow too, in order to achieve a starting position similar to what we have shown today. In addition, our pace for the race is also good. So, if we can keep this direction, then the lap times and the position come by itself. The top ten are therefore our goal.”

“But this progress does not come from somewhere because before this race, there were some significant changes to the team’s structure as I’ve changed the side and at the same time my crew. We have known each other since the start of this season but it still will take a while until we more familiarized together. But after our first day working together, it works quite well already. This fact was also underlined by our speed today as we were there straight away. The same also applies to me, since I felt comfortable in my new environment immediately. The fact that our direction is definitely the right one, makes me very happy.”

#PORWorldSBK – Free Practice Combined Times FP1/FP2:
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 1´42.621 (FP2)
2 Marco MELANDRI / ITA / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 1´43.207 +0.586 (FP2)
3 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 1´43.310 +0.689 (FP2)
10 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / 1´43.957 +1.336 (FP2)


After a short break, the FIM Superbike World Championship returns to the challenging Portuguese track close to Algarve coastline for this weekend’s round ten of the series.

Stefan Bradl, however, has never raced at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, but on the occasion of the European launch of the new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade last November and during a test with his Red Bull Honda World Suberbike Team earlier this year, the 27-year-old German rider was able to gain sufficient track knowledge. Bradl therefore hopes to take benefit from this and to improve the recent results at the same time.

The calendar of the FIM Superbike World Championship includes 13 events, each with one race on Saturday and Sunday. The machines are based on 1000cc production Superbikes. All races of the series will be broadcasted live on Austrian’s channel ServusTV. The programme is available on free TV in the whole German speaking area. But attention: due to the time difference of one hour to Central Europe, the time schedule for this weekend sees a significant change with starting time of the races at 4:00 pm CET respectively.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2):

“After the unfortunate weekend at my home race at the Lausitzring and the subsequent break, I’m glad that the series continues this weekend. I’m looking forward to the races at Portimao because we know this circuit from a test at the start of the season where I got a first taste what to expect from this challenge. Hopefully we will be able to eliminate the disappointing results from the Lausitzring weekend and at the same time to make some progress with the bike. I’m also pleased to welcome Takumi Takahashi as a team mate. It will surely be interesting to share the box with him and I’m also looking forward to his feedback on our Fireblade.”

Autodromo Internacional do Algarve – Track informations:
Length: 4.592 meters
Corners: 15 (6 left / 9 right)
Website: www.autodromoalgarve.com
WorldSBK Best Superpole: 1´41.360 (2013)
WorldSBK Circuit Lap Record: 1´42.475 (2013)

Time Schedule (CET):
Friday, 15 September: 10:45 – 11:45 FP1
Friday, 15 September: 15:30 – 16:30 FP2
Saturday, 16 September: 10:05 – 10:30 FP3
Saturday, 16 September: 12:00 – 12:15 SP1
Saturday, 16 September: 12:25 – 12:40 SP2
Saturday, 16 September: 16:00 Race 1 (20 Laps – 91.840 km)
Sunday, 17 September: 10:50 – 11:05 Warm Up
Sunday, 17 September: 16:00 Race 2 (20 Laps – 91.840 km)


Stefan Bradl was able to grab three points after a difficult weekend in Sunday’s race at the Brandenburg circuit.

Stefan Bradl was by far not 100 percent fit for race two at the Lausitzring. But at least the situation had improved considerably since last night. The 27-year-old German Superbike rookie did not want to further disappoint the many local fans. So, Bradl gritted his teeth and showed a determined ride to finish the strenuous 21 laps distance bravely. From the start, the Honda rider was involved in position battles and showed a lot of commitment despite his handicap.

The next destination of the FIM Superbike World Championship is Portugal’s Algarve coastline where round ten of the series will take place at the Portimao track in four weeks.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2), 13th – Championship position 14 (67 points):

“First of all, I’m glad that I was able to ride today at all. The pain in the left arm was bearable and I could finish the race at least. Nevertheless, I’m far from being 100 percent fit. The position, of course, does not meet the expectations. Not at all, after I started with a good feeling in the weekend actually. On the other hand, there hardly has been changes on technical side after the long summer break. Principally, it is still the same. We are not competitive enough to achieve something in this championship.”

“In addition, the track’s condition here with its many bumps is not at its best. Therefore, the Lausitzring requires some very finely tuned electronics. But this is still our greatest weakness. I had to fight hard to get this points at all. I rode the whole race in a group, but I never could attack in a proper way. I was able to catch up a position sometimes, but I must risk a lot to do so. That would not have gone well throughout 21 laps and in my current condition, I could not allow myself to crash once more. Simply said, we were just too slow regarding the pace. So, actually, this fact hurts more than my arm. I’m therefore not satisfied with the overall situation at all.”

#GermanWorldSBK – Results Race 2 (21 Laps):
1 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 34´05.220
2 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / +2.290
3 Marco MELANDRI / ITA / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducait Panigale R / +4.388
13 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / Honda CBR1000RR SP2 / +36.772

WorldSBK Standings:
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 381
2 Tom SYKES / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 311
3 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 276
14 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / 67


The Honda rider tried in vain to prepare for Saturday’s race at this home round.

The aftermath of Friday’s crash at halfway point of FP2 were too much handicap for Stefan Bradl to compete in Saturday’s opening race of the German round this weekend. The 27-year-old Bavarian therefore had to cancel his start. Prior to that, however, Bradl delivered a strong qualifying session in Superpole1, in which he secured 15th spot on the grid. Bradl now hopes that pain will get less by Sunday and he will be able to take part in heat two at the Lausitzring.

The weekend’s second race at the championship’s visit to Germany gets underway on Sunday 1:00 pm too. Austrian broadcaster ServusTV starts its live coverage 30 minutes earlier than the race start.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2), NS – Championship position 14th (64 points):

If you’re not able to ride, the disappointment is always that big of course. Especially when it comes to your home race. But it would have made no sense to take any risk. Therefore, I did just a couple of laps in FP3 this morning whilst in Superpole, I still gave everything to qualify for a proper starting position at least. But then, all power was gone and in addition, I felt significantly more pain because of the stress. So, I’m going to the Medical Center for furhter treatments again and rest until tomorrow. Before the warm up we will decide whether I will try it again tomorrow. It’s really too silly that this had happened. I’m very sorry for the fans out there.”

#GermanWorldSBK – Results Race 1 (25 Laps):
1 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 34´08.073
2 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / +1.834
3 Tom SYKES / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / +3.250
NS #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / Honda CBR1000RR SP2

WorldSBK Standings:
1 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 361
2 Tom SYKES / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / 298
3 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 251
14 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / 64


It was a hectic opening day for the German Superbike rider and his Red Bull Honda World Superbike team, as Bradl injured his left elbow on Friday afternoon.

Round nine of this year’s campaign got underway under bright summer weather this morning. The championship’s visit to Germany also marks the return to action after the long summer break. However, shortly after lunch time a thunderstorm arrived the south of Brandenburg. Despite the changeable weather, Stefan Bradl had a pleasant start into his home round as the Honda rider was recorded eleventh fastest during FP1 and in doing so, he surpassed his own expectations, particularly as the 4.2 kilometres long Lausitzring circuit is new territory for him aboard his Superbike. Therefore, Bradl and his crew were confident for the second session to keep progressing in this way. But at halfway point of FP2, the Bavarian had a fall caused by an oil spil on track, bruising his left elbow.

As usual, both races of the weekend will be broadcasted live by Austrian channel ServusTV. The programme, by the way which is to see in Free-TV in the entire German speaking area in Central Europe, starts 30 minutes before the lights go out on Saturday and Sunday.

#6 Stefan BRADL (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team, Honda CBR1000RR SP2), FP1: P11 – 1´38.794 / FP2: P16 – 1´39.884:

“The start into the weekend could not have gone any more unfortunate. After the long break, I felt very comfortable with the bike straight away. This came a bit surprisingly actually, considering that this track is new to me. Therefore, FP1 was a very enjoyable ride, our pace was good and it was the same in terms of feeling with my Fireblade at all. We were well prepared to make further progress in the second session. Of course, there were a few changes made to the bike and we started FP2 with used tyres. But we put in new tyres quickly because it was foreseeable that the rain will come soon. I was on a fast lap and had a good feeling, however, I slipped off on an oil spil because Lowe’s bike had an engine breakdown just before. The crash happened without any warnings, neither yellow flags nor than signals for possible oil on track were shown. It was a rather heavy fall and I hit the ground hard with my left elbow. The result is a bruise at the joint, which is why the movement is restricted. Fortunately, nothing is broken but we must wait and see how the situation is going to be overnight. It is very annoying because I felt so strong and beyond that, this round is my home race. I hope very much that I’m able to ride tomorrow.”

#GermanWorldSBK – Free Practice Combined Results (FP1/FP2):
1 Tom SYKES / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 1´37.712 (FP2)
2 Jonathan REA / GBR / Kawasaki Racing Team / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 1´37.504 +0.332 (FP1)
3 Chaz DAVIES / GBR / Aruba.it Racing – Ducati / Ducati Panigale R / 1´37.526 +0.354 (FP1)
12 #6 Stefan BRADL / GER / Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team / 1´38.794 +1.622 (FP1)